03 November 2013

Nature's Beauty

 FALL!!!  Ready or not, IT'S HERE !
 Enjoy some of nature's beauty I captured while I was out with the family!!

29 October 2013

Cash is KING!!! "Save, Give, Spend"

Our 5 year old daughter received her first commission payment for doing chores around the home and she is BEYOND ecstatic! Now don't get me wrong, I personally believe that certain household chores should be expected at no cost from family members BUT that is not the point when you're trying to teach little ones about how money is earned and how it should be spent. We keep the chore list limited so there are still plenty of things to be done around the home WITHOUT pay.
Today my daughter and I found 3 jars from around the home and printed out labels for each jar. She will have a one dollar chore each day, Monday-Friday, and then Saturday is Pay Day. *When she turns 6 she will get paid $6 per week and chores will be more in depth. She will be putting $1 into Giving, $2 into Savings and $2 into Spending for the time being. I love the giving jar because it's important for her to understand the concept of giving her own money to others that are in need rather than handing over $ to donate by me. The savings jar is wonderful as she is starting at such a young age and this will be to buy her first NICE car in cash for her 16th birthday. The concept is clearly "Save to buy". The spending jar is JUST FUN as a reward to be able to spend some cash freely for all her hard work. In the end: If you want things in life you need money and in order to get money you must work. CA$H IS KING!!! Inspired by Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University
©2013 Heather Lea Photography LLC

29 October 2012

Testing! Testing 1,2,3...4!

Over the past month I have been trying to figure out the best way to display a backdrop within my home to practice some indoor portraits.  *Note, I specialize in outdoor portraits because I do not have studio space OR studio gearWell, long story short, neither my 2 year old or 4 year old wanted any part of it, I wasn't going to use a doll...again...so I said WHY NOT ME!! Yes, self portraits!  Not the easiest thing to do but if the goal can be accomplished while being both the subject and photographer well then....why not!  My smile is contagious what more can I say :-)
My goal for this setup was to create a simple and pretty backdrop for the Holidays by using a white sheet and white Christmas lights.  
I absolutely LOVE Bokeh so that's what I was trying to achieve by really taking a handle on my Depth of FocusAs you can see, I was successful!  
I set up this backdrop in my son's bedroom that has a big window facing west.  I taped a white king size bed sheet up about 4 feet high on the wall and the rest was laid out on the floor.  Sheet was on the north wall with a about 1 foot covering the corner going onto west wall. Typically for window light you would be facing the window to light up your face but for whatever reason I tested with the window to my back/right side on an overcast day.  I then strung the lights horizontally from wall to wall with no pattern.

I placed myself about 1 foot from the North wall that had white sheet and then laid out towards the camera on the floor with my head being about 6 feet from the corner of backdrop.  My DLSR was set up on a tripod and was located about 3 feet in front of my face. I flipped the live screen on my camera so I could see myself and focus from where I was, set the timer for 10 seconds, pushed the button and TADAAAA!!!  This is what I got!!!
Camera settings:  
Camera Used:  Nikon D5100
Lens: 35mm f/1.8
Exposure 1/200 sec at f/4
ISO 200
SB700 Speedlight directed towards white ceiling

To the right is my beautiful 4 year old who applied her own lipstick so diligently ;-)  She agreed to pose for a picture because of the lipstick I let her wear and notice her black fuzzy top!?  Yup, that's mine from the above pictures.  haha!!! 

23 October 2012

New Baby COMING SOON!!!!

I had the honors of photographing this beautiful couple on Friday morning! Such troopers!!  It was raining in the morning when they left Eau Claire, raining in Hudson when I left my house, but we took a chance with Mother Nature anyway!!!  Once we got out to Homestead Parklands around 9:30am, the rain had pretty much stopped....for a little while!!!  The lighting was working in our favor for sure, the air was damp and the temps were a tad cool.  About an hour into our session it started to rain!!!  Instead of quitting we agreed to use it to our advantage and I'm glad we did!!!  Prepared with my black umbrella we created some pretty shots!!!
I hope to be meeting their new Princess in November!!!  She is due during Deer Hunting and around Thanksgiving!!! Wishing Stephanie and Aaron the best of luck and the blessings of creating special memories with their new baby girl!!!